Poetic Phonetics From Hu Men Bei ng to Be ing Humian


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Topaz’s book of poetry and musings arrived Saturday. I am blown away. I’ll wager you are too. He is a creative, amazing, poetic savant disguised as … What a wild outcome, eh? He has been to dark places but has turned his journey into something honest and insightful; feels real to me. The dedication to Sage was a hint at his essential goodness. Mary Scheps – Author and Illustrator The Boy Who Loved Orange, Odam and the Ygdrassil

Topaz has explained to me there are those among us whose experiences have allowed them to see more. Instead of just the alphabet from, say,  i – r, they also perceive a – h and s-z. In my opinion, his own work does this. His poems and essays let us glimpse sounds, shapes, connections, perceptions, and indeed, pain that exist across the complete alphabet, including the margins, the outer reaches.  ~Lynn Miller – Seattle Public Library